sewing machine parts name list (With Infograph)

For a Beginner, it is an essential task to introduce with your sewing machine. Thinking about the novice users, I am showing you basic sewing Parts name list with images.

Remember, there are differences types of sewing machines. So there are many differences also. But in every sewing machine, there are some general parts.

Spool Pin: Spoon pin is one of the fundamental parts of a Sewing Machine. The role of a spool pin is to hold the spool of thread.

Bobbin Spindle: The bobbin binder spindle function is winding, and also bobbin is placed here

Bobbin winder stopper: Whenever the bobbin reaches its last of capacity, then bobbin winder stopper stops the bobbin winding.

Hand wheel: Hand Wheel is situated on the right side of a sewing machine. It is used to raise and lower the need.

Pattern selector dial: The pattern selector dial is to set the symbol of the desired stitch pattern.

Stitch length dial: It is used to control the length of the stitch.

Power switch: Power switch means the off-on part of the sewing machine. Usually, the power switch is located at the right side of the machine.

Needle Area: Needle plate, feed dog, bobbin cover, presser foot, clamp screw. A needle is used to form a stitch in the garments.

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