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Sewing cutting table is an essential part of any sewing room either it’s for an expert or a newbie. It doesn’t give only a comfortable workplace but also a productive environment.

Organizational Psychology shows the better environment gives the better Productivity. So it is a most important thing to make your workplace easier and comfortable.

For a sewing expert, it is little tough to make his work environment suitable because of many things like patterns, sewing accessories, clothes, etc. So it can be told that it is not easy to make a comfortable environment for a sewer. But I assure productivity will increase of a sewer if his workplace decorates.

Sewing Room

What type of sewing cutting table do you need?

First of all, You need to consider your height, space, work position, chair and mostly depend on your Work type; It’s for commercial or for the personal purpose. Without these, you also need to consider your choice, Budget.  In this article, I will try to discuss you all these.

Sewing Cutting Table

You should know to choose the suitable one:

Type of Cutting:

Generally, for sewing, we cut clothes into small pieces. For cutting clothes, we need a table bit longer than a normal table. Typically, 2-3 yards are enough for spreading fabric. Which means it is not required a small place. And for taking the small pieces of the quilt, we need extra space. It is the measurement of those type of sewers who works on home.

And another type is for professional purpose, here we have some co-worker and need to work in a place. In this regards, we need a larger table so that all of us can work together. There needs to consider the room space also.

Types of sewing Cutting table:

There are almost various types of cutting table based on design and purpose. Some are for industrial purpose some are the commercial purpose, and some are for home use. Based on design and used I categorized sewing machine table for cutting.

We can place that type of sewing table in general criteria those are in standard criteria of a sewing table. Basically, many standard cutting tables maintains 4-8 feet long and 30 inches width.  4 feet is for small pieces and 8 for probably larger pieces. here we need need to consider the room spaces. We should keep the roller or cutting mat 6 inches smaller than the table.

Folding sewing cutting table

I looove the folding style sewing table. You can keep it easily in any place. When you need to use you can spread it. Afer using you can fold it, that just proper use of your home space. You just need to cost 100-200$ for that type of sewing table for cutting. You can easily make this type of sewing table in the home.



Sewing folding cutting table

Commercial fabric cutting table:

Commercial fabric cutting has great differences with others. Here, many of worker works in a place. You can make this type sewing table in the home. If you want this, you need to hire a better carpenter. And you can also buy it from the marketplace like Amazon. I hope you need to see some ideal commercial.

Customized Cutting Table:

You can make a customized sewing table easily. You can add self, box or just what you want. Someone also makes sewing table for multipurpose use. You can get several from Amazon too. You can see some excellent IKEA sewing table from here -> Customized sewing tableCustomized Sewing cutting Table


Trestle tables are used for various purpose. If you think you can use trestle tables as a sewing table. You can use trestle table but remember that you need to buy one which will have adjustable height. One more thing you need to consider about width. Trestle tables are not designed for sewing cutting table. By the by you can use it for the various purpose also.

Trestle Sewing cutting table

Without above sewing tables, you can get various idea from the internet, But Above types are generally common to describe sewing tables.

Consideration to make or buy a sewing cutting table:

What you want to buy or build!!  For both, You need to consider some essential things. Those are your work type – heavy or light, chair height, width, Price as well as Space.

Sewing Type:

The most important things that you need to concern about is your work type. If you are an expert user and working for the commercial purpose, you need to use heavy sewing table. A light table like made of plastic or simple plywood you need to avoid them, On the other hand for a home or basic user, can use plastic or simple plywood cutting table as their sewing cutting table.

Chair Height:

You need to select adjustable height cutting sewing table. Everyone’s height is not similar, so you need to choose adjustable height. one more thing, We generally work a long time so that we need to select that type of sewing table what is also adjustable with a chair. US Gov’t Occupational Safety & Health Administration told that in the workplace there are several risk factors like the awkward arm, neck, trunk, and leg postures. So, They suggest proper table and chair for your workplace either it is for home or for commercial use. You can see Instruction of OSHA.

Table width:

We know that many standard cutting tables maintain 4-8 feet long and 30 inches width. So we can select that type of sewing machine to consider for buying or making. you can use a scaling mat for a sewing table; It will be so much helpful for your cutting experience.


Price is another Important matter to Buy a sewing cutting table. You can easily manage a sewing cutting machine 100-200 dollar. You can take a more expensive one if you like more decorated and gorgeous one. But a Standard table you can manage from two hundred. You can consume the cost to make or to order a simple one just what you want.


If you are a home user you should remember about your home space. So that you can manage your other elements of your sewing room. On the other hand, For commercial purpose where more people are working together, you also need large table also.

Cutting Sewing table is not only one thing that makes your sewing room perfect. A proper sewing room is the combination of all the sewing elements such as – how you organize your others tool, fabrics and how you maintain your patterns.


Some Major safety things you need to concern:

Behind Everything, you need to concern about safety. If you want to make a table by yourself, Please take help from a professional. It will help you to make table easily and with a perfect concept.

You need to concern about height if you have children. If you use lower height table your child may be affected with a cutter or other tools.

I told you before there are some risk factors in sewing workplace.  US Gov’t Occupational Safety & Health Administration told about the risk factors of like arm, neck, trunk, and leg postures.

Finally, It needs to tell that, You should consider your place, work type, safety to buy or make a sewing machine. I will suggest buying a sewing cutting table from any marketplace like Amazon. Because if you want to make it yourself and when you are not an expert your table will be imperfect.

So bye bye for today!!  Happy Sewing! If you have any idea, Question just feel free to ask!! I am here to answer your Questions.

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